Here at the Harvard Veterinary Clinic, a blood test for heartworm is included as part of a complete pet wellness exam. The return of the heartworm blood test results determines the next step in heartworm prevention. The preventative is maintained on a monthly basis all year long (depending on the owner’s preference). Most of the heartworm preventatives that we have (at our clinic) and recommend for use also control internal parasites. Some of them control fleas (like Novartis Sentinel). In this YouTube video, Dr. Costello advises that flea control should be administered throughout the year. During that same time, using the heartworm preventative is crucial for the summer months.

Heartworm test is required prior to any medication
You MUST test your pet for heartworm disease on a annual basis BEFORE giving your pet heartworm pills. If you give your pet heartworm pills to an already heartworm-infected pet, you may harm the animal or worse, place the animal’s life at risk.

Purchasing Heartworm Prevention Medication Online:
The pill peddlers that appear on TV leave out the FACT that the drug company does NOT pay if something goes wrong and if your dog needs treatment for heartworm disease. However, if your pet gets sick under OUR care, the drug company WILL pay us to heal your dog. The cost for treating a dog (or cat) for heartworm disease often exceeds $1,000.

For more information on this disease, please visit the American Heartworm Society’s website.